I turn research into new solutions that help education unions win.

You’re one of the union leaders working to save K12 and higher education. I’m a strategic research consultant who can help you with two things:

Tricky problems: Every union faces difficult situations where there’s no clear path forward. My research will show ways to win where none appeared before.

Ambitious campaigns: You deserve all the support you can get, but what you don’t know can’t help you. I find the key facts and craft practical strategies that will add momentum to every part of your campaign.

I guarantee I can create something useful just for you. Send me an email to talk about how.



I use proven union tactics from the private sector to bewilder and defeat education executives.


Investigative reports and fact-finding dossiers will give you an information advantage over your opponents.


The right story backed by solid research can create a common vision to unite your members and allies.

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Slay the Dragon: Using Strategic Myths to Defeat Austerity in Higher Education

This guide provides union leaders in higher education with:

  • An understanding of the five core elements of arguments for austerity.
  • The tools to write their own "strategic myth" for reinvestment in higher education.
  • A case study of a story-driven campaign to fight for funding.
February 24, 2021

Too Legit to Quit

An introduction to strategic myths, a new tool for research-driven narratives

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June 15, 2020

Bond...Muni Bond

The semi-secret agent driving the growth of new charter schools

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May 21, 2020

Charter Schools On Ice

A new path to freeze charter school growth right now

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May 5, 2020

All Bets Are Off

Why times of crisis invite big policy changes

read more

about ME

Taylor Harless

taylor harless

I’m a strategic research who has helped unions win since 2011. I learned through firsthand experience in two landmark campaigns: Justice For Janitors at SEIU 32BJ and Hotel Workers Rising at UNITE HERE. I’ve used those tools for thousands of union members in K-12 and higher education to fight for funding, organize new members, and win strong contracts. I’m a graduate of the University of Virginia, and I live in central New Jersey.


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